Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Good, The bad and the Ugly

Well, its been a few, so I will get right to it. Thanks to Irene, Fountainhead was postponed until 9/11. Charm City Cross is the following weekend-AAArgghhh!

Ok, now the good. My house did not flood from the Irene's liquid offerings. The bad;The trails are a complete mess. The ugly; thanks to Irene, I now have on half less of a tree than I had on friday. Like someone sliced it right down the middle. All told I was pretty lucky compared to some I suppose.

Training has been going well. I logged 658 miles in august, but have been a little uninspired as of late. Dont know what to make of it. Maybe the end of the season is here and I am not looking forward to another cold one here-yeah, I will go with that one.

The Madone has been a blessing to ride. It has really aided in my training. will I convert it to a Single...! Really excited about cross season this year. I think I will be pretty competitive, or I could completely impload like a white dwarf and create a black hole which would envelope my competition and leave me as the only one That was really stupid. Anyway, I have a 50 miler planned for tomorrow to get me ready for Fountainhead. Over and Out.