Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tally Ho!

Well, my year for mileage totals has come to an end today. I cant believe how much training and mileage I have put on the bike this past year. All told, I logged 4,594.44 miles since last august 21st. My actual elevation gain was around 412,000 ft due to using another computer when my Garmin 500 took a dive.

I had some pretty long road rides this year as well. Quite a few 50+ milers and a few 60+ miles on the SS. Last year I had around 1,400 miles total, nothing to write home about.

With only 2 mountain bike races left, it is time to start switching gears - eh, I always wanted to use that in a sentence in conjunction with a cycling blog-to cyclocross season; meaning more intervals and less endurance, sounds like work to me, uughhhh.