Thursday, August 18, 2011

Very Nice road ride from Forest Hill to Pennsylvania

Just a nice, but difficult ride to Pa. today. New route for me and wanted to get some good climbing in before Fountainhead. Sit and Spin...I dont think so. 53/21 all the way, except short Walters Mill climb, which registered a leg blistering 21% grade for 550 feet. There are a few 1+ milers that are 10-15% grades in spots as well. Still able to lock down a pretty fast 19.4 for the total. Legs felt a little heavy near the end, but not to bad. Was able to crank out of the saddle and maintain 20+ mph on some of the climbs.

Bike is handling great. It did get a little twitchy on some of the 40 mph descents, but there was a bit of a cross wind to contend with.