Monday, November 7, 2011

Just a reflection of the year

Well, now that the season is officially over, it is time to just go out and enjoy the ride. A few cross races mixed in here and there, but now is the time to have some fun.

I learned a bit more about myself this year both as an athlete and a person. I have ridden nearly 5,000 (5,886 since last august) miles since the beginning of the year. I rode the entire season on the singlespeed and finished on the podium 9 times (with two 1st's and an overall series win). I really focused on finishing at the top of every race and riding as aggressive as my middle-aged body could muster. Now, my body is definetely feeling the effects of the years' workout. I found myself really "trying" to stick to my regimen-well about 75% of the time anyway. My goal was to train 10 hours a week, buuuut...3 kids, work, etc. ended up more like 6-7 hours. Still, I was able to completely trash my previous years efforts, I mean by  quite a bit. My goal this year was to stay focused, even through the pain and keep pace with the faster guys that I couldnt stay with last year. I think I was successful for the most part. There were still a few instances where I had the chance to take it and just couldnt pull the trigger. No answer for this, but looking back, it bugs the crap out of me. Eh, move on and race another day.

I met some new people this year and continued some old rivalries as well. I always enjoy seeing the guys and girls that I normally dont get the chance to ride with on a daily basis. I even learned to embrace the roadie side of me as well. I guess I have to thank the old guy who decided I looked better as a hood ornament rather than a cyclist back in july. I have put nearly 1000 miles on the road since then. It is sometimes nice to stretch the legs on the road and get some nice climbing  under the belt. I entered my first sprint tri and found out I can run, and somewhat quick.

Cycling is a great sport. You dont have to be the fastest nor the fittest. You dont have to ride something that costs more than some peoples' cars either. Cycling is a great social tool. They are great ways to explore and sometimes conquer both on the ground and in your head. Cycling can make you a better person, too. Being around so many others that share a common bond of always testing yourself, albeit in each others own way, just puts a smile on my face.

So thanks again to all who continue to think that I belong here with this great group of 29er advocates. Would I have it any other way? Nah.

Oh yeah, I now am the proud owner of a Superfly 100 Elite Dualie. So now I am the Singlespeed dualsuspension bouncy go boing boing thing a ma jig moron. Over and out.