Saturday, November 12, 2011


Ha...I know what was going through your mind. Mine too. Anyway, I have gone and done the unthinkable. Remember lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump? Thought he would never come to terms with God. He cursed him and swore he would never see his side? I lieutenant Danned the whole dual suspension thing or even the geared thing for a long time. I found myself in a unique situation to land a Superfly 100al Elite. What on earth made you decide this you say? Well, it was really a simple decision; 43 and getting older, and still wanting to be at the top of my game in the whole monocogging venture requires me to take it a little easier at times.

Initial thoughts of the bike are pretty promising. Although I am not as fast as I would be on the SS, this bike is solid. There was a few times on the first couple of rides that it felt a bit twitchy on the descents, but I attribute that to me not being used to a pogo machine. The factory spec-ed ride is a good spec-SLX/XT as is. The SLX brakes are amazing. As much as I like my Avids, these are pretty impressive.

 Stock comes in at 28.8lbs; um how much bacon would you like? Mine is down to 26.1 lbs. It doesnt ride like it weighs that much, though. I will give a more detailed report once I hit 100 miles or so.