Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Learning to love the rain

I have to admit, riding in the rain has been very therapeutic as of late. The last two weeks I have just taken it pretty light; just riding to ride-if for no other reason than to just enjoy myself. I got up this morning with every intention to ride, whether it was raining or not. It wasnt a deluge, but a nice steady, light rain can be quite soothing. It can be a good time to reflect on things; and things of late have been worth reflecting on for sure. Being "released" from the bike store was a relief and blessing in disguise. Now, I can focus on other things that make me happy and make me all giddy inside, like a school boy. Dont even think it! Anyway, I have some leads for my new future and plan to make some changes in my life as well as to adjust my attitude and thinking about life in general. Wow, deeper than I wanted to venture-over and out.