Friday, December 9, 2011

First 50 miler in a while

One good thing about being unemployed is that you can certainly find time to ride, eh? Started off a bit on the chilly side at 39°, but "warmed" up to 50° at the end. I was trying really hard not to over exert myself and keep the HR down.I was a good boy on all but one. My HR hit 186, but it was my dessert to good 56 mile Z2/Z3 ride. My Madone has surpassed the 1,000 mile and the ride is pretty amazing. I do believe the TCT stuff is a little more compliant the OCLV carbon; at least that is what my hind quarters are telling me. Can you really believe a part of the body that is capable of emitting such foul , disgusting aromas? It is mine, so I will have to believe it. Anyway, my friend Chris is going out for a 60 miler at Pretty Boy and wants me to go. 116 miles in 2 days sounds good. Over and out.