Friday, December 30, 2011

Things to consider

This is why I always have my bike with me. Going to work this morning and cruising down 95; all of a sudden, the car dies-just loses all power. Drift to a stop on the ramp to 695 Glen Burnie. 15 minutes later, after the car doesnt start, I make the decision to to hop on the bike and head off down 695 on the road bike. Now, I certainly wouldt recommend this, for the simple fact that it is illegal and 60,000 pounds of metal roaring behind you at 70+ mph didnt create the warm fuzzy atmosphere I was looking for this cold morning.

I made it to the Hammonds Ferry exit in 4:47 and 2.3 miles. I think I was more terrified of the debris on the side of the road more than the cars themselves. One would think that with all of the money we give the state for highway maintenance, that they could tidy up the place a little.

So I managed to spend nearly 1k in two days for teeth and cars-If I were a hillbilly, I would have spent $0.