Saturday, February 4, 2012

Painting a Picture with Words

I will start off by saying this simple truth; Pink Floyd are not only one of the all time great bands, but they are the masters of painting imagery with song. I mean, it is like you are reading a novel and you can envision exactly what they are trying to portray.

If you havent seen "The Wall", dont. Listen to the album first and then go rent it; you will see exactly what I mean. The Wall isnt the only Floyd ear satisfaction in their repertoire either. Listen to any Floyd offering and you can submerse yourself into a mind trip without the drug induced part. Dark Side is another example. The complete mastery of background noise and atmospheric mood. I simetimes have to be careful when Im driving, too. I will find myself "looking" at the imagery and not the road-Yikes! There are a few songs that are dedicated or written about the founder Syd Barrett; Shine on you Crazy Diamond, Brain Damage, etc.

Syd did a little too much acid and eventually sent him over the edge mentally. You can almost see him and what he was going through by just listening to the hypnotic beats and Wright's piano/organ playing and Glamour's haunting yet purposeful leads. Unfortunately, like all of the really great bands, ego's get in the way and thats that. I mean not since the days of Mozart, Vivaldi and the likes of Tchaikovsky has there been a group that can do it so well all of the time. Amazing-my hat goes off to you a great gig in the sky!