Friday, February 3, 2012

"Build"ing the foundation; and not just cycling

Yeah, its almost time to start getting into the build phase of this dang program. The problem with MTB season is that it starts early. Most road races arent into full swing until springtime. Early march makes for a more condensed program. Sure, you cant label every race as an "A" race, but there are too many good races to not do so.

The build phase gets a little more intense so you arent spending most of the time wondering when your E1 ride will be over. The click in my left knee has come back, and I attribute it to running, so no more running, Forest. This week is a nice east week and next week will start introducing some tempo work, but still focusing mainly on E1/E2 crap.

On another note, I was fortunate enough to witness 125 5th graders show off their ballroom dancing skills today. My youngest daughter, Cassy was dressed in a 1930's flapper dress and looked MA-VILOUS! Samba, Tango flip floppin Mango they did it all. At the end the parents got to dance the Rhumba with them. I have to admit, I have a bit of Danny Kay in me, but it is hard to dance with someone 51" when your 72".

These are such great times, and I am lucky enough that I get to be a part of it all. I have yet to miss a field trip, recital...anything for any of my 3 kids. It is a shame that there are some parents that put other things ahead of the one thing that your kids will remember forever; time with them. I wouldnt miss it for anything.