Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Solid Day on the Road

Man, if you would have told me last year that I would be putting in back to back days at 20+ mph avg. and a 11.6 mph, 20 mile mtb ride 3 days after a tough race; I would have said there is no way that I could put in back to back days at 20+ mph avg.  and a 11.6 mph, 20 mile mtb ride 3 days after a tough race. The last few days I feel amazing. My HR is staying low and I am crushing my previous times. Today I did my usual BWI loop A1 before work ride and turned in a 20.4 mph average with some crazy strong uphill sprints to boot. My HR is the biggest surprise of all. I am becoming more economical with how my energy is being used. Last year, some of these climbing sprints would have resulted in HR easily in the mid 195 range. My power would have greatly decreased by the end as well. Not only did I get faster as I neared the top, but was able to sustain that power. Todays ride I tried something a little different; I did all of my climbs seated and using 53x15 gearing. Normally I would stand and power up the climbs. So now starts more intense work along with some hill repeats as well. Now, if you are new to monocogging, at least what I am coming to find is, your training better be geared towards doing hill repeats and do em' strong! You still have to do your other stuff, but hill repeats should be a mainstay. Do them on the road bike if you can. It allows for longer, more sustained hard efforts without worrying about terrain. I promise you will get stronger. Hey, if an old 44 year old dad of 3 can do it, no excuse for you!