Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting old doesnt mean being old

We dont need no stinkin Geritol!
Yeah, 44 isnt Rosetta Stone material, but in the cycling world, it isnt considered youth either. I am happy to tell all of you mid-death aged riders, gettin old doesnt mean you have to give in. I get tired of hearing guys 10 years younger than me come up with every excuse in the book as to why they are slow-thats BECAUSE YOU SAY YOUR TOO OLD!!!! KNOCK IT OFF! I hear it all of the time. You arent too old, your too complacent! Just get on the bike and ride! I know at some point, I will succumb to the reality that my body wont allow me to go faster, but start to decline...not anytime soon I hope. I feel the best I have ever been in my life right now. Sure, some improvements can be made, but I dont have 15-20 hours a week to make that happen. I work with what I have and try to maximize the time I have on the bike to its fullest. 

This year has shown a huge improvement over last year so far. I knocked 8:32 off of my race time from last years AFC sufferfest and still felt ok at the end. I would have never been able to go out and hammer like I did sunday for 20 miles on the SS and turn around a do my M2 tempo ride at a 20.7 avg speed...never. I am training smarter, but still having fun riding. I think most people go out and train everyday; thats ok I guess, but you lose the most important part of cycling-riding with friends. I know you know the type-Nah, I am doing 37 hill repeats and going home to drink some protein shake. Or-I am going out for a "casual" ride today; it ends up being a day you wish you stayed in bed.

All I am saying is, if you want to get faster, then you better make sure you ride with faster people and figure on training. If you want to ride and have fun, do that too. Whatever you do, dont ever say your too old to race, ride or whatever. I can and others my age and older still give it to the younger guys and it feels pretty good; in fact, look at results sometime, especially in the SS cat. Youre gonna find that most of the faster guys are in their 40's baby. We aint goin away anytime soon either!

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