Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today was the first 50 miler in a month. After last weeks balls to the wall hammerfest, I think my body is saying-"Slow down Pops, give me a break, ok?" Overall, it wasnt a bad ride-18.8 mph avg over 50 miles with 2k of elevation, but not the best. It was just too nice of a day to let it go.

Here is a comparison from last year at this point; huge difference.

Got a few races coming up in april-Bakers Dozen and Fairhill, both of which I have had great success racing, including a 1st place at Fairhill and a near bout with a 1st place in the SS solo class at Bakers Dozen. I will be doing a duo with my friend Blake Bricker this year at Bakers, so we should have a great showing. I am looking to take another win at Fairhill as well, we will see if it is the cards this year. If taking 8:37 off of my Sugar Hill time is any indication, it looks to be a possibility. Anyway, go ride your bike and as always, you aint a moron if you aint goin gearless.