Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nice Bakers Dozen Pre Ride

Today we headed down to Leesburg to get some mileage in for the race this weekend. We ended up doing 4 laps and 32 miles. The course is way fast and technical. I averaged 12.3 mph and lap times were 38 minutes for 8.1 miles. This course has a few sections that will challenge your upper body strength for sure. Lots of roots and pock marked earth. The race is held on a farm, so much of the trail are cow paths which doesnt make for smooth terrain. There isnt a lot of climbing, but what climbs there is are technical, rocky and tight. I have yet to decide whether or not to ride a geared thing or gear down to a 32/16 for the ss. I rode the superfly ss toady with the Niner carbon fork and boy did the course beat the crap out of me. I may decide to ride the Ferrous, which was the bike I primarily road at last years race. I still have the double bouncy thing a ma bob that may get a shot as well. Only my body can let me know for sure.

It has also been a great week on the mtb. 136 miles out of 187 thus far. Thus far, pretty funny. 50 PR's, KOM's and other accolades on Strava. It is also the first week in probably a year that I rode the mountain bike that much.