Friday, April 13, 2012

One Fine Day at Little G

Thursday was one of those days that just happens. You get up, knowing you have an all day race on saturday and going out and lettin' loose. I started out just figuring on doing a nice 20 miler on the SS and when I pulled up to the parking lot, my whole game plan had changed. I was going to hammer, not full on, but I was going to just go. I have been riding a 32/17 set up as of late, which is not the smartest choice for someone trying to save their 44 year old knees from the inevitable crushing affects of riding the rigid beast, but it has been working... at least for now. I also have seen something a little weird as well. At first I thought my hr strap is on the fritz, but 3 rides have confirmed my max hr is 207, not 200. Anyway, here is the screenshot from that ride. I think my new favorite color is yellow, yeah...I like it.