Friday, May 11, 2012

Its Been a Long 2 Weeks

Yeah, you know the cant wait for that day to come. Anticipation, anxiety, fear; it is all there. Well Wednesday, I finally got back on the bike. Now mind you, I wasnt expecting anything super d duper, but just out to stretch the legs a bit. I ended up with 23 miles and a 19.8 avg speed. Not too bad for being off of the bike for a while.  My side still doesnt allow for out of the saddle climbing-not good for the SS side of me.

Today I went out again with more brutal winds and pushed just a bit more. My legs feel great, I mean really good.  My side again still is my handicap-stupid appendectomy! I pushed hard on some climbs and also on the straight stuff. My avg Hr was 170. That would normally tell me something is wrong, but I averaged 19.7 and was able to maintain that high HR without a glitch to the system; so that is a good sign. My max reached 193, which hasnt happened in a while as well.

This weekend I am going to hit the trails for the first time and see what happens. Would you guys tell if I rode the geared bike? I didnt think so. Enjoy the weekend.