Saturday, May 5, 2012

No Riding, but Alex is Pitching up a Storm

Great Mechanics!
Well no riding means more time for coaching and having a good time with Alex. Today was opening day, but they have already played 2 games. They are 0-2 with a tie. Our team is made up of kids, with the exception of 2, that have never picked up a baseball before. They have already made some great leaps forward.

Alex has been the only pitcher as of yet. The 7-8 rules are that a pitcher pitches the first and 6th innings, the machine does the rest. So far, Alex has pitched 6 innings with 17 k's 4 walks and only allowed 1 hit. He has yet to allow a run.

Alex is on the left
The league also announce officially the Pitch, Hit and Run winners and Alex was on the podium. He goes to the regionals on the 19th to play against other kids in the area. If he wins this, he will play at Camden yards!

Today they played to a 0-0 tie. Alex's hitting is doing ok. He is 2-6 so far, but he will get his in time. He has travel team practice tomorrow and is looking forward to a great day.

I am so proud of him. What makes him so special is that he allows me to coach him. I can tell him how to fix something I see in his swing or pitching and he is receptive, as are all of the kids on the team. He is just a super kid. He is a natural and reminds me so much of myself. He is a go getter and when he does something, he does it 150%.