Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tales of a Sit at Home and Play Stupid Video Games Moron

Yes, this is what I have been reduced to; mindless, pointless ways of staying out of trouble. I was looking through the archives of my old computer stuff-yes I am a Mac collector of sorts as well. I came across Diablo II. I am not a gamer by any stretch, but I like to take a few minutes here and there to let loose.

If any of you know the game Diablo, it is a game that is about 12 years old, so old that I had to download a port to get it to play on my current system. It is one of those games that you used to make fun of the kids in college sitting around a table for the entire semester saying things like "The Wemic picks up the unconscious wizard." or " I totally took your elf at stage 4 with a hand ax and enough stamina to take 3 hits points from you.". No, I never played, I had to search for these. I often wondered if they were even students, or just used the lounge area to stage there "brutal" tactics. Anyway, it is a game that over time-in this case 12 years-you build a character up to eventually defeat Diablo. Funny thing is, when you havent played something in a few years, you forget what the heck is happening. I am pushing buttons that arent doing anything and not pushing enough to make something happen! I am getting zapped by the wizards and flamed by the dragons and I have no idea what those goofy little dart blowing fools are either. Ok, calm down, no strenuous activity.

 I often forget how gorgeous the graphics were for the time, the screenshot does no justice. Yeah, I am a graphics man too.

Alright, this is the last one of these. I cant believe I am even posting this. This is what bored cyclist do that cant do anything for a week.