Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ah...Push it

Simply ravishing!
Oh baby baby...bababy baby... Hey, I am an 80's retro grouch and proud of it.  Some things get better with age and those two gorgeous ebony lovely's are it. They can season my turkey burgers anytime. Uh, ok...

Today I was determined to go out and hit some hills, push it a little and throw caution to the wind-like spitting but less messy and embarrassing in front of others. My power has been as consistent as a politician in office. I cant find any rhythm nor recovery after any hard efforts.

I was overall pleased with the results today and although the dizziness was there even with headwinds most of the ride; it was minimal or maybe I just decided to ignore it.  Wow, they are simply beautiful...(weird cartoon sound shaking my head-eyeyeyeyeye). Onward to the bike stuff. Most of the climbing today was relatively short, but averaged 4%-9% grades. I aended up in some places that I havent been before and found some very nice steep stuff to test the head. I was able to put down good power, but the recovery was still way too long; but I survived.

My legs are a bit rough afterwards, but I was glad that I went out and tried to hammer as best I could for now. I think the race season is done for me at this point. I may decide to go  to Fountainhead for the last race of the series, but I will wait to see how I feel.

Anyway, Salt n Pepa, you should change your names to Hot n Spicy, but they have nothing on my wife for sure.