Friday, October 12, 2012

Nice Little Gunpowder Ride

Little Gunpowder is one of those nice little out of sight out of mind type of trail systems. I say this because, it used to be that was the last place people wanted to ride. There wasnt a good loop and you couldnt achieve any decent mileage. Now, this is one of the east sides best kept secret...sorta. Over the years, the trails have been expanded to a very nice 25-30 miles or so. It is easy to get 2500-3500+ ft of elevation-technical elevation. There are quite a few 10%+ grade climbs and even a couple of 15%+ as well. Throw in some nice singletrack and views to boot and you have a super nice trail network.

Today was my first day back in a while; and the first on a mtb as well. There is a few new climbs that I was dying to test my fitness level. One of them being an 11%, 2/10 of a mile super technical climb. Riddled with leaves made it a little more difficult, especially the first time attempting this particular climb.

My legs arent in the shape they were in april, but I am not racing this year, so I can be casual with how I ride and how hard I want to push.

Tomorrow will be another hammerfest at the Bike Doctor shop ride. I think my legs are warmed up and ready to fly.