Thursday, October 18, 2012

New and Tasty...and Less Filling

No, I have not starting drinking; nor will I ever. I have not opened a Twinky with malicious intent and removed the filling and left an empty carcass of sponge cake. I have landed myself a sparkling new set of Bontrager Race XXX Lite carbon wheels. Mmmmmm, yummy indeed.

I have to admit, I was laying off these for a long time. Carbon hubs (drive side flange is aluminum), carbon rims just didnt seem like a good idea. Rim wear was also a big concern-especially for a 2k wheelset.

My opinion was completely changed due to my teammate and friend Bruce. He has had these on his Madone for 3 years and has amassed 22k on his. 22k! Now granted he is 150 lbs and I am 186, but he is a gear masher as well and is in love with his 53t chainring as am I. So I figure, if his held up, these will too. There is no noticeable rim wear on his sidewalls either; albeit a little shinier than before.

I loaded up on my Salsa today and these things are amazing! They are 10 ounces lighter than my RXL's! They came in at a svelte 1347 grams. I noticed an increase in acceleration; they just feel fast-and no one can leave out the "just feels" factor. I threw in my 36 star ratchet (an upgrade from the original 18 for DT Swiss 240 hubs) for some super loud and quick engagement. I use slick honey for a super smooth feel. The bike now weighs in at 16.5 lbs.; not too shabby for a steel bike. The rides soooo much smoother and crisper now. It feels as if I have a little extra under the hood. The braking is great right out da box. Who whoulda thunk that cork could stop a 186lb rider going 40+ on a decent?

Anyway, I will keep you posted in the upcoming months on how these perform.