Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tryin something new

Well, it has been a while, but I have decided to try some new road material-literally. I am the proud owner of a OX Platinum steel Salsa Pistola. Yes, a Salsa. Long story short; the frame was in the store since I started there and I have been dying to try it. So now it is mine. I completely stripped down the Madone; adorned with all of the lovely Sram Red parts and quickly slapped them on the Pistola. Now, I wasnt expecting the bike to be as light as the Madone nor as stiff either, but after all was said and done it came in at 17lbs even. The madone was 15 lbs. 13 oz.-a one pound difference. The frame is relatively low key-which I like, especially coming from the Trek billboard paint schemes.

I have to say, it rides sooooo nice. I havent put any epic miles on it yet, but I have put some nice climbs to see how it responded to my monocogging mentality of torque over spinning approach. I have to say, nary a whimper nor groan could be heard. I was more than surprised that it didnt have the flex that I expected it to have.

I still have some seat and bar adjustments to make, but so far, I am impressed with the ride.  This saturday it will be put to the test on our Bike Doctor shop ride, er...uh, hammerfest.

I will have a more detailed ride review later on. Until then, I will be pointin my Pistola to the sky and ridin hard and heavy.