Sunday, September 16, 2012

My son just likes things that blow other things up

German Panther Tank WW II
My son is a typical boy; baseball, basketball, riding his bike and an appreciation for all things large and explosive . Today we spent the day at Aberdeen Proving Grounds; a local military base that happens to have the coolest collection of military vehicles.

They are renovating the museum and a lot of the vehicles have been moved for some cleansing before being put back on display.

They have everything from V2 rockets to a German railway gun and everything in between. It takes a good 2 hours to really go through and check everything out. The base does have a Subway when you get hungry enough.

British Mark I WWI
I remember as a kid coming here and just being overwhelmed by the size of these vehicles. I would bring my guns and pretend to play war while running in and out of the what seemed like and endless chessboard of fun. I still get all giddy inside when seeing these things. He really loves to read the history behind the tanks as well. One of the few places left that doesnt charge any admission; just walk around and enjoy.

If you get a chance to come by this way and you enjoy military history, check it out.