Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Its a numbers game

Well, it is coming to the end of yet another fun filled year on the bike; ok may wasnt all that fun. Come to think of it, the rest of the year was kind of a throw away year for me-at least from a racing stand point. I learned that I dont like hitting my head. I dont like hospitals (especially visiting the same one twice within 3 weeks for an operation and Rhabdo). I dont like not racing. I especially dont like doctors telling me I cant be on the bike for at least 3 weeks after my emergency appendectomy (I cheated and raced the next weekend...shhhhh). That was my last race of the year wayyyyy back in may. I did end up 6th, so not too bad I suppose.

Anyway, despite the crappy year, I managed to pull in my best yearly numbers so far. My goal was to log 8,000 miles, but that aint gonna happen. Still managed 330 personal records (200 up from last year). I logged 2,000 more miles than last year as well. I spent 100 more hours on the bike too. I wish I could have spent that time training, but at least I was able to ride.

Snotcycle is coming up at the end of january and that will kick off the race season early for me in 2013. Eh, who am I kidding; those crazy Mayans have the world ending in a few days. Oh well, I guess next years race season will be in the crapper as well.