Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feeling Good

Well, it was bound to happen. I really did try to stay on track, I did. I tried to maintain focus and tell myself that this is working. Fooey! I am abandoning any structured training. A friend had to remind me that there is no"fun" in training; only raining.

Two weeks ago, I had my last soda; a Dr. Pepper I believe. I also started training in a different arena-diet. I have been monitoring what, when and how I eat. The first week was rough, but this week I feel like new. I mean after a day of hills, I take an easy day afterwards. The new me; I ride hard the next day as well; a real rebel. Oh, wait...I did the second day on the Ferrous SS.

I woke up this morning not quite sure what to expect and headed out to Patapsco. I really thought after the first 1/2 mile 10.5% grade gravel grinder, I would be kapoot, but not only did I feel good, bit moved up to 4th overall (1st in the 45+ age group) on this climb; not what I was expecting. So I continued to ride hard for the rest of the ride for the most part.

Yesterdays road ride yielded a max HR of 193. I have been a bit concerned that I havent reached 200, but thats ok. Todays ride on the ss saw it climb to 195. I was pretty stoked in the fact that I was maintaining 183+ for 3 minutes straight on different occasions.

Yesterdays road ride was a bit strange. I had lower back soreness and tired
legs at the end, so I really shouldnt have had to much-if any gas left in the tank for today. Man, good food is good fuel. I am a true believer in this whole chocolate milk as a recovery drink too. I didnt have any muscle soreness at all today, nor right now. I really wish I had felt like this last week during the race. Oh well, Bakers is next week and I will be teaming up with Elizabeth Hunter for a co-ed make up. I have done the SS solo, 2 man so now this. What is great about this is that I havent even met her! I am a Strava stalker though, so I take a peak now and then.

So I am looking forward to this whole new me thing. What the heck, I am 45 years old, I can do what I want.

Over and Out...