Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baseball Rules

Well tonight was the best game ever. No, I am talking EVER! Coming into this game, we had won 7 straight games. Our pitching staff is walking less and getting more outs. We are hitting and making key plays in the field, too.

Tonight we played the second best team in the league and 2 games away from the championship; so this game meant everything. My son has not been able to catch because of his thumb that he injured in a travel game a few weeks back, so that cut us short a bit.

The first inning looked like real bad news. 3 hits and 4 walks lead to a 4-0 deficit. By the third inning it was 4-3 and looking to be a good game. The 4th inning saw thew wheels come off the cart. 7 walks and 3 hits lead to a 13-3 killing. My son came in and did what he does best-shut the door. He pitched the last 2 innings and allowed 1 hit with 2 k's and no runs. Now I have been doing this long enough to know that anything is possible, but to be down 13-3 going into the last inning. Well, to keep a long story from being really long, our team scored 9 runs and won with a walk off single. I have never seen a group of kids get so excited at the outcome of a game before. I am so proud of the way they kept their heads up and came through and didnt give up; wouldnt it be nice to be a kid again and have that mentality?

I am super proud to have a son like Alex. I played ball all the way through college and I cant tell you how it feels to see your son play. Not only does he play, but for 9 years old, he is an amazing player. He catches, plays the field and is a dominating pitcher. How dominating, well I will tell you. Better yet, here are his numbers.

3-0 record, 3 saves, 34 innings, 9 hits, 5 walks, 67 strikeouts. I love to watch him pitch. He has great mechanics and rarely ever walks a batter. He has great command and doesnt just throw the ball; he locates his pitches.

The championship game is next and I cant wait to see how these guys play and no matter what happens, I am really proud to have coached these guys and watch them progress. Go get em guys!