Monday, June 10, 2013

New Friends...Same people

Yes, my title is makes sense. Even if it doesnt, it is my space to write whatever I want, in the manner I choose to write it; so there...hmmff. This whole life thing can be a really funny, if not hectic and strange at times, but overall pretty funny. I mean, you can meet people over the course of your life that are just random hand shakes or pointless bantering (sounds familiar, eh?). I have had conversations with people for hours and come away with nothing but a headache and nothing gained.

Then you meet people that share some common interests and you may chat a bit, but never really go beyond that until (low, timpani build up TO A CRESCENDO!) BIKES! Yes, bikes. You find yourself talking about bass lines and drum beats and you find out that bikes, not just any bikes, single speed bikes becomes a common bond.

Ryan is one of the bass players (an excellent bass player) at my church. We sort of talked here and there at times, but nothing to involved. He found out I worked at a bike store and it has blossomed into a great cycling, musician, graphics kinda fun to ride with thing. The best part is, Ryan is buying one of my SS's and is on his way to finding the joys and yes, maybe even a little pain of mountain biking! Yes it is ok to cheer and sing the singlespeed national anthem. Wait, you dont the SSNA? Just check out "New World Order" by Ministry. Thats it. Period.

Anyway, He is super stoked on become an official dirt merchant. Ben was our small group leader and he is also a SS aficionado. We have been riding together a few times in the last week and it has been super cool. His cycling needs and wants are a bit on hold due to buying a house, but he is itching to do some mods to his Redline Monocog.

I really look forward to gettin out with these guys on the dirt and showing them the ways of the Singlespeed Moron. It just goes to show how a seemingly meaningless conversation can lead to something bigger. So get out and ride and meet some new friends that just might be people you have already known.