Friday, August 2, 2013

Just Some Thoughts on the Year

Well, this year's race season was a bit of an abbreviated version of what I normally manage to drag my elderly body to. I picked the races that are my favorites and left it at that. Although the Cranky Monkey series was a no-go this year, I had pretty good success elsewhere. I would have to say the highlight of this year was getting to know and race with my new co-ed partner-Liz Hunter. We literally met for the first time at Baker's this year and really clicked. We went on to finish a super nice 3rd spot. We teamed up again for the 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey and finished 2nd. I have to admit, the whole co-ed thing was not on my bucket list in the beginning, but having Liz as a team mate certainly changed that.

I decided this year that I was not going to have a structured training plan. I
The Crew
had no reservations about this; just ride hard when needed and rest hard as well. I have to say, it has been fun and I dare say that I may have even gotten  a little faster? I can say, at least on the road, my efforts have been beyond what I expected. It is nice to just get out and ride and see things that you never noticed before.

The Aviation Velo Shop ride is going very well. Everyone has been getting stronger as a group. What started out with rides in the 17mph range, are now in the low 20's. Pretty impressive when you figure in the average age is 41. We have also been having a great time with our "spin-off" rides at the shop as well. Now if I could just talk them into doing some dirt exlporation.

Now the sad news. I havent really been riding the mountain bike like I should. it's not like I dont want to, but the trails have been unrideable on the times I can ride them. I have been on the monocog steed 10 times in the last 3 months. No, the moron is not jumping ship and embracing the dark side, but rather getting in touch with my inner asphalt merchantism...something like that.

We had an awesome time away in our home away from home this year. Spending time with the family is always an adventure on these trips. We went from from me having to rescue my son from the rapids after his tube flipped to wondering if the truck was going to make it through the mountains. All ended well. I was able to find some awesome new fire roads to ride which yielded some great elevation and views to boot.

Last but certainly not least, spending time with the kids on the trail. It is very tough to get them both together and both wanting to ride together, so I cherish those times when I can. My wife (who does not like being photographed) does not indulge in the two wheeled arts ever since her crazy accident a few years back.

I am not sure what or even if I am racing next year, but I will certainly be riding and having fun. I have been thinking about "retiring" from racing and just enjoying the "casual" side. I am at the age where I can say that I have accomplished most of my racing goals and did them all over the age of 40. That is the most satisfying accomplishment of all. I can honestly say that I am in better shape now than I was at 40. I am riding faster and as long as I can still match or even beat my younger cycling comrads, that makes it worth while. Wait, I think there is still a sense of competitive nature still in there? Of course there is.I am a moron, not an idiot.