Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hill Killer Apparel Review...sorta

Well, not on this road
Well, I have put some time in my new digs from Hill Killer Apparel and not only are they a Maryland company, but they have awesome cycling clothing.

Long story short, the shop received some of their samples in the mail a few months ago and I called Mike at Hill Killer and told him what we were looking for and we talked a bit and we were really pleased with what they had to offer. I also asked about sponsorship and Mike and I talked a bit and said he would love to send something to me. Not only did he send a great looking kit, but hand delivers it as well...awesome. Now dont expect that if you live outta the area, but give these guys a look.

I have been wearing my kit religiously for a month now and it is the best fitting
My Peter Sagan routine
stuff I my arse has rubbed against since...ok, onward. The chamois is top notch. I have had a few 40 and 50 miles rides wearing this kit and complete bliss (altogether now...ahhhh). No sore caboose, in fact, it is the only chamois that didnt seem to be stitched too high in the back. I have had some really nice stuff (no names, but they hail from Europe) that made you wonder if they used a unic for a model?

I normally wear a large jersey and medium bibs and these fit the bill perfectly. No binding whatsoever and the bibs go un-noticed...well from a comfort standpoint anyway. Full zip jersey and pockets are at just about the right height; could be a tad lower, but not worth really nitpicking. The SS moron does not believe in cages on the bike, so it must pass the bottle test; and it pass it did. I didnt eat asphalt nor run any fellow riders off the road whilst trying to get my bottle out. They were very easy to stretch and manipulate. I was told by Mike that the fit was close to Primal Wear, and he was spot on. I have to admit, I like the racer fit, but these really didnt feel to "clubby." The sleeves
Pretending to be a Hill Killer
arent elastic; which I prefer, too.

They have a fitting chart on their site, but my measurements are as follows (now dont be jealous, it took 45 years and riding the ss to get this) 44 chest, 31 waist and 35" inseam. I like my shorts about 3-4 inches above the knees and that is close to where these fall.

These guys have THE BEST PRICES ANYWHERE. Seriously, if you are looking into shop, club or team kits, there is no need to look elsewhere. No minimums and you can provide your on artwork of course.

So my final thoughts? Great stuff all-around. I look important wearing it and people wonder if I really am a killer of hills... especially on the flats. Give the guys a call and tell em' the SS moron sent you and you might just get laughed at, but its worth it.