Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yes...Strava is a good thing

Yeah, Strava Powered
Those of us that use Strava on a regular basis, know that it is the best thing to happen to cycling since... well, cycling itself. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it is arguably one of the best ideas that actually promotes good health and of course fun.

Now, before anyone sends me any hate mail about my views; send them somewhere to someone who cares-it aint me. Strava has come under fire in the last few years due to the unfortunate incident that involved a rider in California and ultimately lead to his death. I am going to be blunt and straight forward; just like guns dont kill people, people kill people.

I know in this day and age of blame someone else for my stupidity has become the new schtick, I still (among many other cyclists) agree that you control your own stupidity. How far you are willing to go to prove how stupid you are is based on your perception of stupidity; not society's. If you feel the need to go out and win a digital challis without regards to your own safety, by all means go for it, but dont blame software for your moronic decisions. I know my limits and I know going beyond them could reduce the SS Moron to just a moron. So, there is my flaming arrow to the heart on the view on people that use Strava as a scapegoat; now why Strava is the cat's meow.

This is what matters
I am not a Facebook, update my status every 3 seconds kind of guy (I am not even on facebook or care to be for that matter)
nor do I think that the majority of the population cares anyway. This blog is the extent of my updating (which isnt very often). Strava, at least by what it was initially designed to be used for, is a way for those of use to track not only ourselves, but others in the cycling community. It is a great way to track your progress. Whether it be for racing or just for fun, it is a great online tool. 

What I really find unique about Strava is that it also allows users to connect with other riders that you would never even thought about riding with. It allows cyclists to get out and ride and learn a few things about each other and share tips as well.

This is Benjie Moreno. A very cool cat that started following me on Strava. The only contact prior to this ride where comments on Strava about rides. Today, we finally got a chance to ride together along with 4 others. Now, Benjie isnt the fastest guy out there (yet), but he learned some valuable info on the ride-have fun and dont be afraid to push your body to where it is comfortable for you. I had the most fun on the mtb in quite sometime. Trace was on his second ride and his first time at Gunpowder and he had a blast and met some cool new people as well. I think we tend to get caught up in the ride hard every time you go mentality, we lose track of these kind of rides. I would have never known who Benjie is or ridden with him had it not been for Strava. 

So, say what you will about Strava, but I am stickin' to my guns. For those of you that think it promotes pointless racing, mindless achievements and feeds ego's, does. Nothing is perfect, but think of how many people you have met because of it. Over and out.