Friday, December 6, 2013

Is it that time again? Pt I

Yes, I am afraid it is. There are a few things that remain unchanged in this world; taxes, death, visiting the in-laws and yes the dreaded discipline known as base miles. Just the sound leaving the lips has reduced lesser men to mere mortals and sent a few others into the waiting arms of the recreational cyclist. NOOOOOO! No there is nothing wrong with riding for recreation so dont reply with some stupid comment, please.

The fact of the matter is if you want to elevate your cycling to the next level, base miles are THE most important aspect of training...period. Think of base miles like the gas tank in your car. Your car drives more efficiently and gets better gas mileage with a full tank for the long trip ahead. When was the last time you went on vacation knowing there was a quarter tank of gas left and convincing yourself you will make the 300 mile trip? Yeah, thats kinds like what base miles are like.

Now me...I have a little friend that can really put a damper on training-Will Power.  Funny thing is, I am finding out more and more that Will Power has brought his ugly form of defeat to many of us out there trying to keep the young guns at bay. It seems, Will Power, is a great friend to have-if you can keep him happy. Doing base miles requires keeping Will Power on your good side; if not, bad things can and Will happen.

You can rest assured of one thing; without base miles you will be on the side of the road with your AAA card and waiting for the fill up that will never come. Trust me, I have been there; it aint pretty. I have also been on the better side of that as well. I have been racing for a while now and I have gotten pretty good at spotting the guys that dont train properly (or at all) and by the first lap, yep like a bellows working overtime.

More to come...going to bed.