Saturday, December 14, 2013

Is it that Time Again? Pt II

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I think a lot of people fall into the "I only ride _____ bike" syndrome. I know people that would never set foot into the clipless pedals of a mountain bike and vicee versee. Nothing wrong with that, but they miss out out on the extra benefits of what the other disciplines can offer. For me, riding the road bike in the winter is great. It is crisp, clean and the cold air keeps you moving; unless the temps get to be unbearable-than it is time to mount the dirt (or ice) machine. Of course, I ride the mountain bike all year round, but the winter offers some interesting rides depending on the weather round dees here parts.

I guess what I am getting at is base miles can be a bit on the snoozey side if you dont add some variety in the mix; yes this does include some trainer excursions as well. I know it is super convenient to just ride out of the front door on the road bike and do the same old same old. I have to agree that sometimes I go through those spells, too. It can be a bit of a drag to get everything loaded in the car a drive somewhere to ride your bike, but the mountain bike has so much to offer. From a great workout to getting in some great scenery. Most of all, it is just a great way to take a break from the mundane (and be honest-a little safer).

Now, this doesnt mean that you have to go out and feel like you have to throw it down as if you were on the road-and honestly, you aint gonna do that anyway. Just get out and enjoy this time of the year and meet some super cool people as well. Funny thing is, you will find more people willing to ride the trails when it is 30ยบ then you will find roadies.

So, do yourselves a favor and swing from both sides...yep, pun intended and throw in some rides that you wouldnt normally do on another bike during this upcoming boring base mile blast. Who knows, you may even enjoy yourself.