Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I really couldn't come up with a title that truly encompassed my feelings of the is years winter in Maryland. I know people in Michigan and Alaska will think I am whining-I am, but not really about the temperatures, but the rain and snow seemed  to somehow have a master plan to thwart any attempts at letting us dirt merchants have our way with, well the dirt.

Racing is something I love to do. I love the competition, the camaraderie and just getting out there and pushing your body beyond and sometimes to the point of being introduced to Mr. Coma. Racing makes you faster and you don't meet a better group of menses and womenses anywhere in any sport. By now, I would have had 4 races under my belt, instead I have a ton of road miles and no races…nada. At first, when the first and second race was postponed, I was ok. They were rescheduled until the end of the month. Well it is the beginning of the next month and unless your name is Wilbur, you are not in a real jovial mood in regards to racing or riding for all that matters.

My training was on track and the stars were aligned and the birds were signing and well…ok. So it looks as if the next "scheduled" race is my favorite-Bakers Dozen. I will be teaming back up with Liz as usual and this year we are adding a great person and rider in Alex Mata. Alex and I have been racing against each other for some years now; although he has been running more as of late. Why, your guess. Anyway, we have a real good shot at the top spot (something that has eluded me for some years now.) No more bridesmaid…well maybe in some other life.

I am going to close with my chin up and my hopes high knowing that soon, I will be basking in 90° temps and all will be right with the world, or at least my mountain bike world.