Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fun from Abroad

Cyclists are brothers and sisters by nature
I have to say, working in a bike shop was never my plan. I am an artist by design. Yes, by design. I would have thought that I would be running a quaint little design studio churning out all sorts of cool and maybe not so cool marketing and advertising hoopla. Nope…bike shop.

Every now and again, you get to meet people that I would never have had the opportunity and the joy of meeting. That is where Warren and Esther come in. I will be very blunt and quick-26000+ miles through 38 countries in 3 years ; that is what they have accomplished so far. No big deal right? People do that all the time…suuuuurrre they do. We have had the chance to give their bikes a complete makeover, mud facial, massage, ok not really, but the bikes did get outfitted with all kinds of replacement parts; including four new wheel builds, fenders, chainrings, etc. Lots of work, some challenges thrown in for good measure, a little cup of luck and you have a great recipe for success!

Lots of shops, but ours got the chance not only to do the work, but to get to know these two from the British Isles. Remember when you were a kid and you thought that everyone else had an accent but you? It is still true:) I guess the coolest thing about their adventure (not to take away the overall accomplishments), but just the people, stories and the scenery that I can only imagine was simply amazing. Yep, jealousy is sure to follow. Also just found out that Esther is an artist as well. You can view her wonderful watercolors on their site. Warren has a great eye for photography, something that is a must have for an adventure such as this.

I have to say, as an artist for 20+ years in a corporate environment would never have allowed this type of interaction with these wonderful people from across the Atlantic. I will get to see them again next week before they head out on their tour of the US and see them off. As Warren says "It will be the dogs bullocks."