Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kids Health and Fitness Expo

This must be a sign of getting old. I missed my first AFC Sugar Hill Race at Patapsco since it was started in 2009. Why…I attended a children's health expo. Actually, it was a lot of fun. It was geared towards kids so this was right up my alley.  My wife is in charge of the unit at that hospital and they asked if I was interested in participating; lots of kids, chance for some Tom Foolery? I am in!

It was held in the immense PG county learning and fitness center and this place was HUGE! Indoor olympic pool, full gymnastics center, indoor track,
weights and that is just the first floor.

I got a chance to meet some great people and a ton of kids; my favorite being the PG county jumprope squad. They spent at least an hour on the bikes I had set up on a couple trainers. Each one trying to out do the other. The tall girl in the first photo, Saela (12 years old) was the most impressive of the girls. She pedaled for 30:04 for 5.47 miles and then proceeded to the jump rope competition-go get em Saela! Of course, not to be out done by a girl, Joshua (11 years old) pedaled for 41:00 and 8.43 miles! I think that our group was the most popular booth by far.
I didn't really have anytime away from questions and a ton o' fun. The kids were really more inquisitive than I originally gave them credit for. Some really had some knowledge of cycling and asked some pretty good questions. All told, everyone  logged an amazing 34.67 miles. If that isn't inspiration enough for you to get out and ride, then maybe synchronized swimming is in your future.

There was quite a few activities for the kids to engage in. Alex tried his hand at tennis and he just picked it up like he knew what he was doing. We had one of the instructors come over and asked if Alex was interested in playing, but driving to PG county aint gonna happen on a weekly basis.

I think all in all it was a success. I got to hang out with some cool kids and the kids went home with a better understanding of cycling health and fun. Now, don't go thinkin' that I am gonna missin' races all over the place all the time! Really, these are the kinds of things that missing a race or two is ok.

Thanks to Twyla Cathion and my beautiful wife with her help today from Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital for having me.