Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alex was on Fire!

Well today Alex broke out and the team did great as a whole. This is their 4th game and again, playing against a taller team, they managed to end the game in a tie at 32-32. Alex was dominating! 24 points and 5 assists. That brings his total to 56 points for the year for a 14 ppg. avg. The team was slow to start and fell behind 14-6, but Alex had a drive of 6 baskets in a row! All in all it was a great all around effort by all. 2-2 on the season so far... good job guys!

Alex is really starting to show some real potential. He carries himself well on and off the court and is a true team player. He passes the ball when needed at takes command on the court controlling the speed of the game and shows real leadership skills. He is a super cool little kid and I love him dearly! Yeah, mushy, but I am a proud Dad.