Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hints of spring and a sore butt

Today was one of those days that you should be on the bike; unless of course you were working-sorry. Started off a bit chilly, but slowly warmed up to the high 50's. The wind of course seems to always save the best for my day off on wednesdays. 20 mph gusts in all of the directions that hindered my efforts, even descents were not "rest" spots. I have to admit, It really grates me. Especially if you have set aside time to do a 70 miler, as I did today and you are pushing much harder than your training schedule allows.

Anyway, 74.5 miles and 18.2 avg. speed, but felt very battered and without power. My biggest concern was about 4 miles in, my rear end was already uncomfortable, I mean to the point that I was picking, maneuvering, wiggling and everything in between to find a comfortable position-it never happened. For 70+ miles, I had the gusts and an arse that was not willing to compromise.

This was my longest road ride in about 10 years. I did the Chesapeake Bay Bike Tour for 6 years straight and rode 100 miles on saturday and 45 on sunday. Oddly enough, my longest rides since then have been 24 and 12 hour solo races on the SS, now that's an oxymoron.

The first race of the year is the AFC Patapsco sufferfest. I have gotten better each year since they have been running it. This year I will be racing for the AFC team and competing against some of my own. Jon Houghton, who is a great guy and great rider will be there and hopefully I will be able to "avenge" my 3rd place finish last year. It will be strange racing against your own team mate. Either way, it will be a great time!