Friday, February 17, 2012

No going back

Well, I am now officially recognized as a cat 1 XC racer singlespeeder man...guy...human; at least by USA Cycling. I emailed my resume and somehow they saw fit to accept my upgrade to cat 1.

Seems as though a few races this year are sanctioned by USA Cycling. In order to race Cat 1 SS, your license must reflect that. Last year I raced all expert/ss open cat, but none of the races required me to have a license. I feel all giddy inside. So...44, racing against guys half my age...doesnt get any better than that! Sure I will get snuffed by a few of the youngins, but they will feel the wrath of "Pops, the Monocog Wonder"!

Eh, I still have the ability to progress and get faster, at least for the foreseeable future. I was a little worried earlier this year. Yesterday I did my first hill repeats of the year which consisted of 4 x 3 (4 sets of 3 minutes each with 3 minutes rest) 53/19 @ 70 rpms on a .6 mile 3.8% avg grade, so not to bad. I did a 74 mile road ride on wednesday, so I wasnt even sure that was smart-but it is me we are talking about here, so anything on the side of stupidy always trumps practicality and common sense-I guess that means you are in the same boat, or you wouldnt be reading this...right? Anyway, I didnt push full on, but got the HR in low 180's, which is about 4-6 bpm above LTHR. I felt really good during and afterwards. In fact, I got faster while maintaining the same HR and cadence increased, so I was able to maintain power, which is a good thing.

First race is a month a way, and it is my favorite and toughest. 31 registered for SS class with some very fast people. I am just going to keep my head down and push it... ah push it...da do da do da...dadadadada...babe babe...ew babe babe. Thats enough-over and out!