Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a wee test for today

HR Example from Previous Months on the same Steep Climb
I decided today that I was just going to go out an hammer some areas around work and see how I felt. My max got to 190, which is 10 shy of my max of 200. I was able to sustain 185+ for a good period as well. I was looking back on similar rides and my HR was the same, but the avg. speed was up by 2 mph in some instances; not to shabby-you have to say that like Adam Sandler in Lunch Lady.

Still a far cry from top shape, but intervals arent for a while yet. I do feel good, though. Funny thing is, even when you are feeling good and you push yourself hard, you still feel the pain, but the pain is at a more tolerant level than before.