Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recovery Stinks! Alex is Movin and Groovin

Well, I have been told that Rabdo is a serious issue and I have been taking it very easy. I have tried to sneak a few easy road rides in here and there, it was my easy week anyway, so I got lucky in a weird sort of way. Kind of like a Rube Goldberg machine. I could have had a nicer recovery week without "having" to recover.

I have elected to do active recovery in leu of static. Even getting on the trainer just to keep the legs limber. I am not one to easily sit and do nothing.

The classic Ted Williams swing baby!
On a different note. Today Alex had his Pitch Hit and Run competition for baseball. Now Alex, who is a lot like me (poor kid) is blessed with being able to pick up a sport and run with it. He has never played baseball; although I myself dabbled in the 4 base arts for 20 years, he is showing true talent.

Today he won the hitting portion of the contest which allows him to qualify for the regionals in his 7-8 age group. He was 2nd in the run and 2nd in the pitching portion. He was also approached by the travel team coach and was asked if he would like to play for them. In typical Alex fashion with a soft "ok". Me? I was whoopin it up! I played travel league ball and this was awesome right son? "What is travel team?" This where you hear the cartoon sound when they shake their heads really fast eyeeyeeyee.

Nolan Ryan protégé
So we wait to find out what happens. Alex has also been chosen as opening day pitcher. Hopefully he can throw his 47mph heater where it needs to be.