Thursday, July 26, 2012


What is that you say? Those wheels look... well a bit... uh... like TWENTY SIX INCHers! Why yes, yes they are. Now before you go all Bolshevik Revolution on me, hear me out. This came about by sheer chance. My cool boss Jeff needed something I had I wanted something he had-voila! Red cranks for Ferrous frame. No, I am not going back in time and ditching my 29er beliefs. Nothing could be further from reality. It was in the shop, I saw, I liked, I have.

It's sole purpose is to just play and have fun and give my other bikes a break. I outfitted it with some good and some just ok and 1 surprise. The surprise being the Sram X7 wheels mated to Disc Jockey rims. These arent the lightest wheels but man are they smooth and bomb proof. They are set up ghetto tubeless. I have a Bontrager race fork and Race X Lite stuff where needed. Comes in at 20.8 lbs, not too shabby at all.

It went out for the first real ride today. 22 miles and 2300ft of climbing. My legs werent feeling great to begin with but the smaller wheels did help a bit on some of the tougher climbs. The OX II frame-like its big brother in the garage is just splendid. Anyway, the ride went pretty good. I certainly noticed the difference on the rougher stuff; the small wheels feel as if they need walkers with little tennis balls on the ends.

There are a few 15% grade technical climbs that really tested the small hoops and they did well; not sure, but I think I would have been faster on the 29er. My tire selection isnt the best, but it is the only 26" tires I had. All in all it was fun, but just didnt have that same flowing feel the 29er has. Plus I look like a Carney in a mini car parading down main street on the small rings.

It was certainly fun, but nothing could make me switch back to the smaller wheels. Well, maybe one thing, but Joe Strummer is gone so it looks like I will be forever big, er uh favoring 29ers.