Friday, August 31, 2012

Lyme Disease Sucks PT Deux

Well, quite a bit has been going on with me physically in the past 3+ months. Lets recap shall we? I have decided to give it one big long supercalifragi... kinda name-ConcusiRhabdoAppendiLymeasucks. After a series of MRI's and blood work, Lyme's is the winner; I unfortunately find myself on the short end again. I dont know what all of the numbers mean on the report, but more positives than negatives isnt good. The results also showed a low red blood cell count (limiting oxygen in the blood); which explains the whole feeling like I am gonna die when I put forth any hard efforts- kinda like anti-EPO

I was diagnosed with Lyme a few years back and was thought then that we caught it early on and all was good with the world. Needless to say ( envisioning a Jack Nicholson moment) Im baaack.

With the race season over-for me anyway-I find myself not even wanting to ride. I really have to force myself to get out and tell myself to saddle up pardner. Once I am out, all is good-mentally anyway. At least I know now what the heck is wrong now. It doesnt make my season go any smoother, but I know now what I am up against. The dizziness, fatigue, etc. now has a face; and I think it is rather ugly.

So, I am just going to go out and ride and maybe, just maybe see some things I missed before. I may try to race the last race at Fountainhead and do it for fun; for fun is a hard statement to make, but I will try.