Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pondering the pointless

I really dont have a clue on where this going, but that is's my blog. This time of the year allows me to ride for (gasp) fun? My version of fun and your version of may be a tad different. I use this time to reflect on things that really dont have a place in my everyday thought patterns. Now dont act like this is something completely new to you. You know the kinds thoughts that if you told someone, there would be a good chance that you would loose a riding buddy (maybe gain some others). You can be riding along and POW! ridiculous thought! Like, what if I didnt have a lactate threshold. meaning that you could ride without the effects of build up and just hammer along whilst others bow and kneel to your overall greatness. Well, not really but again, my thoughts my daydreams.

Again, just riding along and SHAZZAM! yet another thought. What if everyone was riding naked? Now, not sure how that would work for the guys (guess if you had a saddle with a cut out relief zone, you could...) Do they have nudist colony cycling? I guess crashing could be a bit on the "you got road rash where" weird side of things.

My last one from today is the "what would happen if I crashed here." Yeah, that one came up more than a few times today. Those are the ones that can lead to disaster and lack of confidence. Alas, they still enter my miniscule brain and rattle around like Jacob Marley's chains. I try to even this one out by thinking of my favorite pastime...eating. Now hamburger isnt a good one to think of for obvious reasons, but man do I like me some Chuck E Cheese salad bar. Laugh, its ok; it is the best salad bar around. Sometimes Chuck himself enters my thoughts dressed in lycra and riding a bone shaker and heckling me from atop his stately steed. Wonder what helmet size he wears?

There was a pretty good pause there for a minute; Anyway, I think it is good to go out, ride, think stupid, pointless and ridiculous thoughts. You cant take riding seriously all of the time. Who knows, you might make it a little more fun.