Thursday, December 13, 2012

Better Late than Never

Well, I never thought I would be hopping on the Fixie band wagon. I mean, I always associated it with dorks who wanna be like Andy Warhol and talk as if they just completed their first semester at Juiard and have nothing better to do than ride around the city doing no-handed track stands for the sake of... ok no more of that.

So as it turns out, Bike Doctor of Linthicum (were I call work home, or is it home work?) is changing the name to Aviation Velo. Me being the artsy fartsy singlespeed good natured moron that I am, I decided to "sell" my web and graphics skills to Jeff in return-at his recommendation-for a made in Waterford, Wi. USA, Fleet Velo steel fixie. Now I have dabbled in the fixie arts before-albeit briefly-and just didnt feel any love for this knee crushing, modern velocipede. I mean could I really look like this guy? Good Lord no.

Well, after my first ride, I am hooked. So much so that it is the only bike I have ridden in two weeks, well other than one ride. I have put 110 miles on it so far. It has taken a few iterations to get it where I feel comfortable with the bars and everything else. I finally settled on Bontrager Crivitz bars. Now I know that it doesnt look like the typical fixie, but that is what I want. It feels like my ss mtb's and that is what I am looking for. I decided to go brakeless which scared me at first, but I have gotten used to it...REAL QUICK. I did have a hard time at first forgetting that freewheeling isnt an option.

I can certainly feel that I have gotten much stronger as well. Funny thing is that It is harder work going down hill than climbing. I havent become comfortable with going too fast yet, so it has really worked the quads trying to maintain a safe speed. This is fast becoming my new training tool for singlespeed world domination, well maybe not. I have it set up with a 42/16, which isnt enough for me. I am going to move it to a 46 or 48 set up. It has Dura Ace track hubs and velocity rims. It has the coolest old school Ultegra Octa-link cranks. The Cannondale Save carbon post rocks; very comfortable and light.

I think incorporating this thang into this years training program will be a huge benefit; at least I am hoping. Anything is an improvement after last years medical mess.

I will keep you abreast on how that works out. Of course if I have a momentary laps of reason and forget to keep pedaling, I may have to take up chess or something when my knees are strewn all over the road.